Legal Services

Wills - Estates and Estate Planning - Probate

Everyone has a right to be well-informed when making decisions about the disposition of their worldly possessions. We offer counseling from over 30 years of experience along with the staff and resources to execute the plan best suited to your circumstances. Our office can provide estate planning for the simple to the most complex estates including necessary wills, deeds and trusts.

Personal Injury

Our primary focus is auto accidents, dog bite, horse and work injuries. However, if you are hurt in any accident, please call. We are always happy to assist you ourselves or put you in contact with the right firm for your injuries.

Contracts - Deeds

Whether drafting or reviewing both attorneys understand the need for thorough, concise, clear definition of all terms. We draft and review contracts of all kinds including sale/purchase of property, homes, autos, equipment, livestock, deeds, leases, employment contracts, rental agreements and prenuptial agreements.

Real Property

Legal services related to real property include preparation/review of offers, counter-offers, deeds, promissory notes, deeds of trust, leases and rental agreements

Also please choose this heading on our home page for a listing of available properties.

Land, Water and Mineral Rights

Due to our ranching background both Julian and Joylyn have experience with BLM and Forest Service livestock permits, use permits, mineral claims and the patenting process. We also do water rights work. Julian has successful litigation experience in all these areas.

Corporate Counsel and Contracts

Since 1973 our office has provided corporate legal services, counseling, contracts and specialized legal drafting services to assist clients in all aspects of the business of doing business. We do, however, refer much of the incorporating and resident agent requests to Corporate Services of Nevada, a separate Nevada corporation formed by Julian in 1991, to offer more comprehensive corporate packages as well as corporate maintenance and fulfillment services at reasonable fees.


"The State Bar of Nevada does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert."


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