$875.00 - Nevada incorporation, with a
maximum $75,000.00 stock value

($1000.00 with expidited filing)

  Itemized breakdown of fees for incorporation:
  $225.00 Administrative set-up fee.  Includes, but not limited to, drafting and submission of  "Articles of Incorporation", draft BY-LAWS, draft Organizational Minutes, procure EIN, name check and reservation with Secretary of State's Office, furnish banking resolutions, provide county/city licensing requirements, etc.
  $100.00 First year's Registered Agent fee.  All Nevada Corporations are required to have a Registered Agent located in the State of Nevada, per
NRS 78.090. (Includes mail forwarding of 5 pcs. per month avg.)
  $75.00 "Articles of Incorporation" filing fee with Secretary of State.
(Add $125.00 for expedite filing fee.)
  $75.00 2 certified copies of "Articles".
1 copy for client's records, 1 copy for R/A records.
  $125.00 Initial List of Officers and Directors filing fee with Secretary of State.
  $200.00 State of Nevada Business License
  $75.00 Corporate Records Book.
Includes stock certificates, corporate seal, stock transfer ledger, IRS filing forms, organizational minutes, shareholder minutes, etc.

  • Subsequent years fees are $425.00, $125.00 minimum filing fee (Add $125.00 if filed late), $100.00 Registered Agent fee, and $200.00 State of Nevada business license.


Offshore Corporations and Trusts

  Nevada incorporation w/stock value over $75,000.00

  Nevada incorporation w/stock value over $75,000.00 - Annual

  Aged Nevada Corporations w/ first year Registered Agent

  Annual Officers/Directors/Fiduciary service

  Phone/Office/Licensing/Listing Services

  Do-It-Yourself Nevada Incorporating Kit.
(includes first year Registered Agent Fee).

+ State Fees
  Do-It-Yourself Incorporating Kit - All other states:

+ State Fees
  Annual Minutes, Bylaws, Amendments, EIN, Name Availability, Nevada Business Registration, Records Maintenance, etc.

$125.00 hr.
  Corporate Kit, complete. (+ tax and shipping).

  Set of 20 Stock Certificates (+ tax and shipping).

  Corporate Seal only (+ tax and shipping).


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